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carlieJust as problematic as recording free hookup experiences is blogging about such experiences. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that just they’re blogging about a particular situation doesn’t necessarily mean they would experience the same legal setbacks as actually recording the experience. This is false. This gives you a false sense of security.

The truth is if you’re mentioning names or you are dropping enough details that it’s fairly easy to identify your partner, you might end up behind bars, getting fined a lot of money, or otherwise being damaged by your poor decision. If you are entertaining ideas of blogging about your free hookups, pay attention to the following, plus tip from me; use a site like adultsexhookups.


What’s Your Point


What’s your agenda in wanting to record your free hookup? Do you want to get people excited? Are you looking to instruct people? Or are you simply bragging to your friends that you hooked up? You have to understand that your motivation, while not dispositive in a court of law, does carry a lot weight as far as justification is concerned.


Keep It Confidential


The bottom line is if you’re going to be blogging about somebody, you must keep enough details obscure or ambiguous. If it’s fairly easy to figure out the identity of the person that you’re blogging about, chances are you might land in legal hot water.


Keep It Believable


A lot of idiots who blog about their experiences simply view it as a creative writing exercise. As a result, their blog post reads more like a Penthouse forum letter rather than a real testimonial. If people think that you’re just fantasizing out loud, then you just wasted your time.

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